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Monday Check-In

Hope you all had fabulous weekends!
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Re: Monday Check-In

  • Ugh, it's only Monday!?!?

    Rant: FI's new job isn't paying quite as well as he expected, so things have been a little tight for us. Being so close to the wedding, it is a little stressful but we have a cushion so we should be fine. Hoping when we get back from the HM he will have a ton of clients sign up with him and help him get established (He is a personal trainer)

    Rave: Only 5 more days until our wedding!! We have waited so long for this. I only have to work today and tomorrow and then I am off until August 9th. 

    Wednesday will be a lazy day for the most part besides getting last minute things finished/bought and the house cleaned and in order. 

    Thursday will be our rehearsal dinner and rehearsal. I'm also getting my eye lash extensions done that day (gift from a bridesmaid).

    Friday is a relax/spa day with my girls. We are getting our nails done and just watching movies, cooking dinner and relaxing. 

    Saturday is the big day!! Im feeling good about where we are with the planning and I feel like everyhting is basically done and ready to go. Can't wait!!!

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  • Happy wedding week MrsAshley!

    Spent the weekend taking care of the final DIY projects - made chalkboards for various signs & finished the photo coasters.  We only a have a few things to do next week but those are items that we had to wait on. 

    Went for a hike in Discovery Park on Sunday FI hasn't been feeling well so we had to scratch the plans to do Tiger Mountain.  Maybe we'll do that this weekend. 

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  • MrsAshley - you must be SO excited! I can't wait until my big day is that close, it feels SO far away!

    We had a very laid back weekend. Went and looked at cars for me, I haven't made a decision yet and we're still trying to save so we can buy one mostly with cash instead of financing. Though, there are some GREAT rates out right now for new cars (0%!).

    My venue contacted me on Friday and I have a new coordinator I'm working with. I'm glad she reached out to me. I got some pricing info on adding a signature cocktail and also am getting info on a kids menu option for our plated dinner.  This week I need to reach out to the printing company just so we're on their radar (all of our printing items come with our venue, STD's, Invitations, etc.).

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  • Dawn- Thank you!!

    Tiffany- I remember when my ticker was the same as yours... I felt like 14 months would take FOREVER!! Looking back I am so happy we had that time. We were able to enjoy the planning and I am able to now relax and not stress out and worry over last minute things. It is really exciting and I feel like I little kid leading up to Christmas!! I am sure the next 5 days will feel like forever to me, but I'll probably be popping in here a little bit each day to say hi to you ladies!
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  • Dawn, do you have any pics of your DIY projects?

    Also worked on some DIY things - mostly making thank you cards for gifts we've been getting.  Also went furniture shopping for a couch for the condo.

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    Here's the pictures of the DIY projects as requested. 

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  • Dawnp - love your "sit together" sign. I plan on doing something similar. Though, my venue has doormen who would mention open seating to guests, but we'll see :)
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  • Cute DIY projects! 
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