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Awesome.  News I totally could use.  Yup.  405 will be closed in Renton the weekend of our wedding. *sigh* Now to go see if there will be other issues along the way...
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    Oh no! That really sucks, I'm sorry!......That will mess up my FI's work commute. Shoot!
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    Good thing you found out now? Sorry =(
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    520 was closed on my wedding day! They must like closing major freeways on July 10-11th.
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    don't stress, it will work out. just spread the word to family and friends to double check traffic before heading up because you see that it might be closed.. plus, depending on where it is closed, there could be alternate routes.. plus they can just go up i-5. don't stress, this is out of your control and people will find their waY! :)

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    oh ick. but like pp's have said..at least you found out now, and not the day of. make sure everybody knows so they can plan accordingly!

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    who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?

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