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Ebay/craigslist selling

I know this is WAY off topic, but have any of you tried selling clothes/stuff on ebay or craigslist? 

FI has all these clothes from when he was practically anorexic (not trying to offend here) that will never fit him again. Normally we would just donate it to goodwill or something but a lot of this is nice and has hardly been worn. There's 2 Hugo Boss suits, 2 Banana Republic suits, Hudson and Lucky jeans, etc.

 I really want to try and sell it on ebay or CL but I'm wondering if any of you have any advice on how to get the most money for the least amount of time spent.

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Re: Ebay/craigslist selling

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    If you're not worried about how much they go for, I'd list on eBay and it's cheap/free to start the bidding at 99 cents.  The add ons are for more than one picture, etc. and they do get a percentage of your sale.  I feel like it's more secure and way less worry than CL, but I've never done anything on CL.  Unless watching the CL Killer on lifetime counts :-)
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    I think craigslist would be easy!  Put pics of all the stuff you want to sell up there,  Buyer will probably be local so you don't have to worry about shipping costs (or I guess the buyer on ebay pays for shipping?).  I bought an i-pod once on CL; I e-mailed him, he called me up and we met a half hour later at a local burger king for the "transaction".  I think you'll get faster results with craig's list.  I guess it will really dependon interest for the stuff.
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    what about a consignment shop?  normally you get more there than anywhere else...but try Ebay...I use Amazon for my textbooks...
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    I buy stuff on Craigslist fairly often. The best way to get people to look at your ad and not skip it or close it before reading everything is to do several things.

    Make the title specific. I'll click on something that says "like new banana republic suit" than "suit"

    Don't have a lengthy explanation. Too much text prompts me to hit the back button.

    Don't forget pictures. Add as many as it'll allow.

    Give them 3 ways to contact you. Phone, email and text. I have made the decision to buy one thing over another because I was able to communicate via text rather than email or phone. Everyone has a preference of communication and that can make or break a deal.

    Take payment in cash only unless you have a paypal then you could set up payment that way.
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    So I know this may sound strange but what do the suits look like and what size?  FI needs a new suit in the worst way :)
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    I've sold stuff on craigslist but I've also had REALLY bad experiencing selling stuff on craigslist. You have to watch for creepy people and people who do a bait and switch with fake/illegal payment options. They lure you in by saying that they'll buy your item, then after a bunch of emails, it turns into "I have Western Union, you have to go to the store to get the check" etc. and it's a huge scam. I think there's less of an issue with this on ebay, from my understanding :)
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    I sold a bunch of my clothing and purses and things on ebay back in college for some extra money. I agree with the PP who said to start bids at $0.99. Not only will you pay the lowest fees for the listing, you are almost guaranteed to get some bids. Ppl will sort by price and go right for the cheap stuff. You very may well get multiple bidders trying to outbid one another at the very end of the auction and you could get even more than what you wanted to list it at.

    If you don't end up getting for it what you were going to list it at, then at least you know it probably was never worth that amount anyway.

    The only thing I've bought or sold on CL were concert tickets, so I can't give you any tips about selling there.
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    Thanks for all the tips, ladies, I learned a lot! I think I'll go with Ebay and just start the bidding at .$99, it's not like I'm losing anything. 

    colleen- there's 4. All are 40 regular (medium) jackets with 33x32 pants. There's a Hugo Boss that's charcoal gray with pin stripes, a Ralph Lauren that's navy with pin stripes, a Calvin Klein that's black with pin stripes, and a Banana Republic monogram collection that's solid black. They're all pretty modern and slim fitting, my FI is very picky about suits. PM me if the sizing works and you want to see pictures!
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