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So my dress has a lot going on and I am having a hard time making a decision about what type of veil to get. I haven't had a lot of opportunities to focus my efforst on finding a veil that goes. But I am thinking about a cathedral length one tier ivory veil with simple ivory pencil edging.
I tried one on this weekend with my dress and I really liked it. For some reason I am having a hard time committing. I think the cathedral length would go best with my dress because it has a dramatic feel like my Maggie Sottero Jovi dress. I also like that it is so long that it draws your eye from top to the bottom of my dress and doesn't cut off all the details in the back unlike the elbow length with details around the edge. I feel like it cuts you off (at least me).

So what are your thoughts?
When to order?
How did you decide?
What do you think about cathedral length veils?

Also, I am looking into ordering onling from OBridals. Any one have any experience with them?
Here is a picture of a sample cathedral veil. This one has more than one tier and satin edging where as pencil edging would be thinner.

Here is a picture of the details and the back

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    Obviously, do whatever you like best.  IMO, I think a shorter veil, like one that ended where your dress goes from fitted to full, would be a better compliment to your dress.  I think a cathedral veil goes better with a simple dress.  But, that's just my opinion.  I do like the veil, just shorter.

    Personally, I don't plan to wear one.  Maybe that makes me biased.
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    With a more modern styled dress, I think a more modern styled veil would work better, but that's just me.  I think a birdcage would go well with it or a blusher veil (shoulder length) or as Jennuinne mentioned a fingertip veil which would end right where it changes shape.  As you mentioned, an elbow length would kind of cut it in half where the detailing is.

    I tried on different veils and knew I didn't want a blusher on mine so I went with a 1 layer, fingertip veil with beading along the edging.  I ordered mine through O Bridal and was very happy with the customer service and the product for the price.  They have tons of info on their site regarding the different veils that go over lengths, styles, fullnesses, material, etc.  I recommend getting samples of their material so you know what color would work best with your dress.  My veil was a bit more complicated so I ended up emailing pics of what I wanted and my dress to who I believe is the owner of O Bridal and she understood what I was aiming for and was VERY helpful and patient with me which I really appreciated after a couple bad experiences trying to get one on Etsy.  I think if you order in the next month you should be fine. 
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    i love the idea of a one tier cathedral length veil. its gorgeous! do it!
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    I really thought I'd wear a veil, but like you--once I tried the dress on with the veil, it took away from the detailing of the dress and all that was "going on".  I would either choose a more modern style veil or shorter veil---or experiment with other ideas. For me, I ended up choosing some cool vintage hair jewelry that accentuates face and hair, but doesn't take away from or cover up the details of the dress.  Good luck! When you try the right one on, or find the right solution, you'll know it!   Smile
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    I think the cathedral length veil looks really good.  Where are u getting married, In a church? if so the long veil will be especially fitting.  You will be able to show off the back of your dress during the reception if you switch to shorter veil/go without one then.
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    I agree with Kahalagurl. I love the look of the cathedrial one, especially if you are doing a formal ceremony. If you like it, that's all that matters.
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    Thanks girls! I think i just needed some more opinions that agreed with mine. I don't know why I am having a hard time with the details of my outfit. I swear I am second guessing everything. We actually are getting married outside, so I hope that is ok. It is going to be a religious ceremony though. :)
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