So our RSVP deadline is tomorrow, and we still have 26 that we're missing! Which is literally 25% of the invites. ARGH! What is so hard about mailing back a pre-stamped envelope? Or even sending an email/text? (Seriously, my etiquette standards are slipping the closer we get!)

Here's the thing that gets me. People are so casual about it!! FI's parents and his sisters (BMs, I might add) didn't even send them back until this week when FI called them and told them that if they didn't do it, I was going to have a mental breakdown. :) Their rationale is, "Of course we're coming!"... but I'm not a mind reader. I get it for parents, and even WP (although my feelings are still hurt), but there are aunts/uncles who I suspect ARE coming (from rumors, FB comments, etc) and still haven't responded. 

It just bugs me that I am getting a "bridezilla" reputation (hate that word, even when it's a joke), because I expect people to do something that I consider common courtesy! 

Thanks for listening. :)
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Re: RSVP Vent

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    Take a deep breath and consider that the issue might be in your approach. It's stressful. This is a major life change and a big chunk of change we're spending so it's easy to get a lot freaked out. But very few people's lives are actually not crazy. Everyone has their own thing going on. Would it be best and easiest if they just filled in the card and dropped it in the mail first thing? Yes. Is that always possible? No.

    Also consider that a lot of people's jobs are less certain than they were before. Maybe they want to come but aren't sure they can get the time off. Either way, try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Split the job with your fiance and spend the next couple days calling people up. Say, "Hey, I know life is crazy but (wedding date) is barrelling towards us and we want to be sure to have enough seats and food. Are you guys going to be able to make it?"

    You'll be fine. It's Friday and the sun is shining!
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    I had the exact same experience and I'm not quite sure what to tell you. We are still trying to track down a few and get final confirmations of yes/no. It's ridiculous that you go to all this trouble and people can't put forth enough effort or show you the decency to drop an envelope in the mail. Very frustrating indeed! But that aside, start calling, emailing and harrassing people. Then they'll get on it.
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    It IS so annoying. And very, very rude. The whole "You know I'm coming!" is a bunch of BS. Then why did you think I bothered to send you an invite? I mean, you KNOW you're invited, right?? And if all our close family and friends assumed we knew, we'd have a whole lot of people to assume about? And even if I know YOU'RE coming, I don't know if you're bringing a date! Can you tell I went through this, too? =p

    26 is really not that bad though...if you split it up (your parents call family, you contact your friends, FI contacts his friends and FILs contact their guests), you'll probably only have to make a few reach outs.
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