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Hello,We are doing a Scottish tradition during our ceremony during with the groom's parents drape the family tartan over the bride and groom's shoulders as a way to symbolize them bringing my into their "clan."  Does anyone know where I can find words that go along with this tradition?  I am not Scottish, nor is our officiant, and I need to find something the officiant can say during the ritual.Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!Rebecca 

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    If you can't get the info from Google or his parents you could try one of the following: Off: The marriage of Bride and Groom has called us together because this union touches each one of us.  A new family is established in our midst, and we celebrate that new relationship with the bride and groom.  Will you whom are family and friends of this couple wholeheartedly except each of them in this community and share with them the tasks of making the world a neighborhood of human care and support? Parents: We will   Off: The marriage of Bride and Groom unites two families and creates a new one.  hey ask for your blessing. Parents: We rejoice in your union, and pray God's blessing upon you.
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    Thank you for the suggestion.  I appreciate it!!
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