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my fiance and i would like to have a priest and rabbi do our ceremony just to incorporate both of our families does anyone know of any where i can find someone a little more reformed to do this for us?

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    [url][/url] has some resources. It really depends on where the wedding is--some areas have a lot of rabbis that coofficiate but less in others. In Atlanta there are 3. We tried to go this route but it was too difficult because we were going to have to get special dispensation from a local parish and FI doesn't belong to a church so we ended up just using a non denominational chaplain.
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    Princess - we went through this ourselves when we were searching for officiants. I found a rabbi pretty early on by looking on the knot and googling "Interfaith Rabbi Boston." The rabbi we liked actually did a wedding that we were at a few years ago, so we booked him immediately. Finding a priest was a bit more difficult. The rabbi had a few priests that he worked with, but one was kinda retired and married, and neither were active with a church anymore, so the hubby (he is catholic) wasn't into that. I eventually found a priest by calling the chaplains at our colleges/grad school. One of the chaplains, who was unavailable that day, was able to refer us to a colleague who was available. Both officiants ended up being fantastic!
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    If you and your fiance are members at your church/temple, both should be able to do your inter-faith ceremony. I don't know which one is causing the problem for you, but having gone through this issue myself, I learned that more rabbis refuse to participate. I actually looked into finding a rabbi (for my fiance's side to be represented) to have an inter-faith ceremony, but his family thought it was too impersonal to shop for a rabbi on the web and pay ALOT of money in order to fly him in, meet with him in NYC, etc. If that is the route you choose, you can find them if you do searches on the internet for inter-faith, etc. But, depending on where you live, it may not be possible or feasible. In my case, because his family would not attend a ceremony by my priest in my church, we will be married by a judge in a separate room from the reception. It's actually more common of a way to handle it than I realized. I had no idea how many people have run into this issue until I had to figure out what to do for my own wedding. I did a lot of sole searching and met with my priest 3 times. My priest advised me that my marriage sacrament would count if he married us, a rabbi married us or a civil officiant (ie; judge). But, you cannot have some other faith represented (ie; inter-faith minister). I opted for the civil ceremony because I wanted both families there. In the end, I am doing all the requirements my church has to count the marriage, and that is what matters to me since I attend church and would be responsible for passing on my faith if we have children.
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    I would look into some Cantors instead of Rabbis if you're having a hard time finding someone. Fi's sister could not find a Rabbi associated with a temple for her wedding but she was able to find a cantor related to a temple do it.    
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