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Christian & Muslim Bridesmaids... anyone have pics?

Hi Ladies,

My post may be quite different. I am just a normal ol' white girl having an amaerican wedding lol... my question pertains to my bridesmaid. 5 bridesmaids will be in the dress I picked for them. I have one who is muslim and will be more conservative and wear her hijab.

Does anyone have any pictures of any american weddings where there was only 1 or 2 ladies dressed in their traditional wear? Or maybe it was a muslim wedding but not every bridesmaid was nand a few were. I just want to see how the bridal party looked together. I am trying to get ideas on how to mesh my mulim gal with the otehr bridesmaids. Obviously she will stand out and look different but I guess I just want a visual. The dresses will be ocean blue.

Attached is an amazing scarf I found. This is the idea I would go with for her but I want to see the whole brideal party together.

my thoughts for the american dresses and then the islamic one...

Does that look silly? I just love short dresses so I don't want my other girls wearing long ones, however it may make more sense to have them do so. Also, my islamic friend said she wouldnt mind getting the same dress and paying to have it altered (added material on)
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Re: Christian & Muslim Bridesmaids... anyone have pics?

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    I have no experience with this at all, but I think that the dresses you posted look wonderful together.
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    temurlangtemurlang member
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    I kind of randomly stumbled across your post.  My MOH is Muslim although she doesn't wear hijab or anything, but some of my other friends do.  I don't see any problem with your idea and I think your wedding will look great and very unique.  One other option is she can shorten the second outfit to the same length as the other BM dresses and wear it over matching pants.  I couldn't find a great pic, but the idea will be like this, just imagine the top as your Islamic outfit:

    Whatever you do, I think it will look really nice and you shouldn't worry!
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    amattoon04amattoon04 member
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    I agree, I think you've picked out a great combination above.  Sorry I don't have any photos to offer, only my opinion!
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    davinia3davinia3 member
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    I agree that the two dresses you chose look awesome together, however, it would make her stand out a bit more, which might not be comfortable for her. If you choose a dress that she can have altered, I'd go with that, personally. 
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