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Does anybody know any wedding planners in South Florida who are familiar with/planned persian weddings? Thanks so much I have no idea where to start, as I am not Persian!!

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    Have you tried posting this on the South Florida board? Or maybe the South Asian wedding boards? They might have some places for you to run with.

    Happy Planning!
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    Did you find any information.
    I am in exactly the same situation. Persian wedding in south Florida and I am not persian
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    I"m with you ladies. I can't find anything useful on Persian weddings. Any suggestions?
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    any particular reason for a persian wedding and usually you might have luck hiring a persian wedding planner from another state, possibly california, atlanta or washington dc, area where there is a large persian community than south florida.
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    I may be able to help you if you still are looking. Im not in Florida but check out my website and let me know if you have any quetsions, that I may be able to help.
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    Let me know, I may be able to help you long distance. I'm in Oklahoma but I can still give you advises on how to have your gorgous persian wedding in Florida. Check out my website and send me emails with your questions.
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    First, yes please check out bravo party planner and Goli who does gorgeous Sofreh Aghd's! She is a friend of mine and I can attest to her BEAUTIFUL taste and unparalleled attention to all things authentic about the Persian Wedding Ceremony. For anyone looking to plan a Persian Wedding there is now a specific PERSIAN WEDDING PLANNING book available from "The Persian Wedding Book: How to Plan a Persian Wedding When You Have No Idea What Persian Means." Written by an American bride who celebrated an elaborate Persian Wedding she wanted to bring everything the non-Persian bride/groom needs to know into a single source. The Persian Wedding Book is a practical guide to preparing, having and enjoying a Persian (Iranian) wedding for brides, grooms, families and guests. It is also a joyous celebration of Persian weddings, rich with photographs of dazzlingly beautiful items unique to Iranian wedding ceremonies, and sparkling with historical facts, explanations of symbolism, and moments of poetry that honor the great Iranian tradition. The author, Dr. Christen Behzadi, M.D., is an American-born bride married in a Persian wedding ceremony, and she shares her story from beginning to end, allowing brides-to-be and wedding planners to follow the process step-by-step and learn all they need to know to make their own wedding ceremonies an exquisite success. The Persian Wedding Book is packed with valuable real-life tips about what to do, what order to do it in, how to set up one’s Sofreh Aghd (the heart of the Iranian wedding celebration), how to find vendors, what expected dress standards are, how to learn the appropriate dances, what foods to feature, what gifts to bring, what courtesies to show (and what social mistakes to avoid), and much much more. The financial responsibilities of the bride and groom and their families are clarified and explained. Associated parties and ceremonies, such as the Ashnaei, the Khastegari, the Baleh-Baron, Namzadi, the Jahaz-Baron, the Hana Bandan, and the Grand Reception (Jashn-Aroosi) are all covered in detail. Even non-Iranian brides seeking new and exciting ideas to individualize their weddings can find ideas on every page; but for the Iranian bride or family planning a truly Persian wedding in any city in the world, here is all the information needed to fashion their own unforgettable ceremony. If you are an Iranian bride or groom, the family of an Iranian bride or groom, friends or guests of such brides or grooms, The Persian Wedding Book is an absolute necessity to planning, fashioning, and celebrating a successful and celebrated wedding that will be an ongoing joy and a memory to cherish for all concerned.
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    This is an exclusive website for Persian wedding and special events with many useful articles, ideas and a comprehensive vendor directory.  This is the most useful and easy-to-use site for Persian weddings and parties.  You will love it.
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