rant/almost done/quarter check

these damn invitations are taking for effing ever. ugh! i love them but they are taking FOREVER. cutting paper really sucks.

i'm almost done. i just glued all of the little things for the closed part of our pocketfolds. i bought stamps for the rsvp envelopes.. i got the forever ones, i was too scared hahaha. and then I still have to glue all of those closure things to the invite and then add a glue dot... and put the envelopes in the pocketfold. 80 times, woo hoo. <==== that was sarcastic.


what is everyone working on?
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Re: rant/almost done/quarter check

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    carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    We finished our last cupcake tonight, and they were STILL awesome.  I think we know which flavors we'll pick - carrot with cream cheese filling and lemon with chantilly filling.  Mmmm.

    I also designed our monogram stamp and sent that off to Impress to be made, and ordered from C&P our pre-cut printed proofs and the little squares for the front of the belly band.  I decided that with all the stamping I'm doing, I didn't want to cut also.

    Next, I'm going to design two stamps for our Thank You cards - both in the font I'm using in our invitations, one in English and the other Hawaiian.  :)

    Oh, and I'm working on my THIRD try at a photobook guestbook.  The companies I tried before weren't set up to handle lots of text, so I'm starting over on Blurb this time, and hoping it works better.
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    jennuinnejennuinne member
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    I'm working on a photobook guest book.  The invites were a PITA and took about a week working on them for several hours most days.  FI was out of town that week, so that helped.  But, its very satisfying when they're done.  I bought a small cutter, but my dad had a big fancy one and I did most of the cutting w/ him in an assembly line.  It was a big one so we could do 3 at a time, which really helped.  Good luck!
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    Waiting for jacket samples to arrive for the invites to move ahead with designing.  I have a light duty cutter, but likely will borrow my work's for a weekend.

    Need to do a test run on the Gocco (probably with Thank You card design).

    FI needs to get me the finalized list of his part of the guest list.

    Photobook guestbook to be done this weekend.
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    More invites! FI "forgot" some people!!!  Uggh.

    Hair flower headbands for my jr bridesmaid and flowergirl, favor boxes, fairy wand for my 22 month old, menu cards, signage for the card cage, decorations for around the room, and much more! :) The crunch is on.
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    good! glad other people are doing invites too.. hahaha.
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    Well, you'll probably be happy to know that even though I've had this whole week off, I haven't done jack for the wedding.  Actually, that's not true.  I made an invite list & sent addresses to MOH for my shower, and tried on some dresses to wear to the shower (and didn't buy any).  But I've been working on massive Spring cleaning/reorganizing my house, and that's been going well.  I consider this semi-wedding related, because I want a really organized house before we get a bunch of wedding gifts that need a place to go.
    Today I am going to order FI's ring though, yay!  Also, I want to get moving on invites this weekend, and schedule e-pics.  And bake a cake for FI.  He turns 34 tomorrow, eek!
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    I'm working on invites as well. Got my enclosure all finished yesterday. I'm not totally thrilled with it but that's the perfectionist voice and I'm telling her to shut the hell up!! I had fixed the curve I didn't like the first time and then the damn program crashed. I didn't want to do it a second time as it was time consuming so I said F* it. Now I just need to get all the paper so I can print.

    I went to Paper Zone yesterday to check out their papers. They didn't have my color but their 12x12 is only $0.49 each. (I think Michael's is $0.79? Can someone remember?) I need to find envelopes and I didn't really like much that they had there. I think I need like 70, can anyone recommend a good place to find them (besides the aforementioned)? I know I can find better variety online but then I have to wait to receive a color sample and shipping is so expensive. *pout*
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    mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    I'm planning fun WR activities for my MOH's trip at the end of June.

    Getting off my butt to buy a proper (breathable) storage bag for my wedding dress... a sample dress I bought in January...

    Starting the custom design process with my wedding band.
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