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bride/bridesmaid bouquets

I am not sure if I want to have a bouquet or not for myself and the bridesmaids.  I know posing in photos with the bouquets is normal.  I am just not sure how photos will look without bouquets. 

Any suggestions or ideas?  I would like to make this decision as soon as possible with a June wedding.

Re: bride/bridesmaid bouquets

  • How much would your florist charge you for a bouquet for yourself? How much for a bridesmaids bouquet? The cost should help you decide if it's really worth it.

    Are you planning on preserving your bouquet in some way, so you can enjoy it for a long time to come (and get more bang for your buck?)

    For your bridesmaids, you can do a single stem flower, like a lily or a gerbera daisy. You could also go non-floral, and do cute fans or a parasol. Another option would be to get them pin-on corsages (which would likely be cheaper than a bouquet with more blooms in it). That way, you can still incorporate your wedding colors with their attire, while not breaking the bank.

    Hope I was helpful.
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  • Money isn't necessarily the issue. 
    I was initially thinking of diyas, although I know it has been used a lot lately. I am more of a candle person anyway. I am just wondering more in regards to what people thought of/how photos have turned out with bridesmaids not having bouquets. 

    Thanks for the other suggestions!
  • Ooh, diyas might be pretty, but they can also get hot, and if they're the oil kind, the oil can spill and burn someone or soil their clothes. Maybe you could fill the inside of a diya with one of those battery operated tea-lights? That way you get the look of the light, without anyone getting hurt.

    Also, they'll stay lit for your pictures later!Laughing

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  • You can also look up pictures of bridesmaids online with Moroccan lanterns with battery operated tealights. They look Indian and this way you can't tell the tealights are fake. Personally I am doing a bouquet for myself with lanterns for the bridesmaids.
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