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Monday: Plans for the week!

What are your plans for this week?

I'll do mine on here..

WR: We are getting all addresses together for the STDs! Once we get them in I'll take a picture and post it.

NWR: MAKE STUFFING!! FI just called me and said we need to make it for his family's thanksgiving.. Luckily I don't have to make anything for mine.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Re: Monday: Plans for the week!

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    Today and tomorrow - housework, and hopefully one ofthese two days I can meet with the venue to get our deposit back! Venue manager said she would return the $300 we put down, but I have yet to pin her down on a day to get together and get the contract cancelled out and the money back.

    Wednesday FI's off work and his parents will be down. I've got baking and as much pre-turkey prep as I can manage to do, and we're supposed to talk wedding and such while they're here. We'll have to talk in the kitchen, I think. Kidlet's off school that day, too. His parents are heading back home on Wednesday night. His brother is already in NYC for the holidays, and he plans to start college up there in the spring semester so I'm not sure whether he'll be back in FL before May or June.

    Thursday - Thanksgiving! This is the first time I'm ever having a Thanksgiving in my OWN house. My family's all traveling elsewhere this year so we aren't doing the usual Ginormous Florida Family Gathering at my aunt's place. Instead we're keeping it really low-key; just me, FI, Kidlet, Roommate, and The Dog. Macy's Parade in the morning, Purina Dog Show in the afternoon. Roommate and I are also going to spend the morning making dinner preparations. Dinner will be served at 3 because FI works from 7-2 and then again from 5-9, so we only have that little window for him to be able to join us. Then the cleanup and such.

    Friday - I plan to sleep in, because I'm not one of the insane types who has to go shopping amidst crowds and crazies at 3 in the morning (3:00 only comes once a day, and AM ain't it!). Gonna spend the rest of the day working out Christmas decorations and things. Kidlet and I are going to meet my mother at a Stride Rite in the afternoon because her Christmas/birthday present to him is two pairs of new shoes. One for over his ankle braces and one for regular wear.

    The weekend (I have a feeling the board'll be pretty quiet on Friday!) is reserved for cleanup/Thanksgiving recovery/Chrismas decorating!
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    Nothing too exciting this week...

    Probably drop by a few furniture places after work this week

    Work on TY cards... I know I'm baaaaaaaaad :$

    This weekend is going to be busy with friend and family events

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    MRSBM: You have an issue with mailing thing huh?? I'm just kidding. I'm sure those are hard to get out! How many do you have left?

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    In Response to Re: Monday: Plans for the week!:
    [QUOTE]I'm sure those are hard to get out! How many do you have left?
    Posted by DFWIndian[/QUOTE]

    LOL waaayy too many

    I'm going to say more than 100....I've done 11 :(
    But it wasn't until now that I felt guilty about it lol
  • HinajHinaj member
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    On vacation from tomorrow. 
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    Tuesday and Wednesday: Survive work

    Thanksgiving: Drop FI off at airport. He's going to TX for a week. I'm going to be home alone with the cat. FI is worried about that fact.

    Create inventory spreadsheet. Create other forms for work. Maybe go to a former co-worker's place.... maybe go to the vegan soul food restaurant.

    Friday: Might go into the office since the office will be closed. Might go into the city to see the tree lighting at Union Square. FI doesn't want me to go into the city alone. He worries.

    Saturday: Might go to a High Tea party... haven't decided yet.

    Sunday: Heck if I know.

    I'll also be doing some housework while FI is gone. It would be quite a surprise for him, lol!
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    Tuesday- Just finished my last exam, WOO HOO!

    Wednesday- Going, going, back to back, to cali, cali !!! :)
    (Maybe that was unecessary) LOL

    Thursday- Thanksgiving. Which means Im probably in charge of dessert. Awesome!

    Friday- BLACK FRIDAY!!! & YES, I am one of millions who waits outside the store JUST to get something inside. I'm planning on waiting outside of Sams Club so I can get the Sony DVD player with WiFi... 94 bucks?! Who wouldn't say, "Yes"?
    Okay, maybe I AM a little bizarre.... its ok.

    Have a great week and Happy Holidays!!
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    I just want to say that it feels soooo good to not have any more wedding related tasks. But that I have a boat load of unpacking, cleaning and organizing to do now!

    But tomorrow my husband and I are going to take some time to have some fun and head into the city to see the tree (even though it's not lit yet and surrounded by scaffolding) and just walk around taking in the sights.

    Today was a day for errands at Costco, Target and food shopping. It was so weird to have to buy more food than I am used to buying!

    Then of course there is Thanksgiving and on Friday I am looking forward to going to a Michael Buble concert with the hubs and friends of ours.

    I am hoping the week goes slowly, I am not looking forward to going back to work!
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