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Ok so my reception for my non-denominational wedding is a very modern, circular building with sleek lines and wood. I was considering incorporating a Sri Lankan Poruwa as my "Altarpiece" or something in front of us so its not just empty space. Since we aren't doing the traditional poruwa ceremony it doesn't really matter if its functional. Basically a poruwa is a structure with hanging flowers on it. Since I cannot for the life of me find a place where I can rent a Poruwa is there any chance that Indian Mandap rental places have something similar to this? And I can just hang silk flowers to it? Is there a name for this structure? Example of Poruwa below and a link to a pic of my venue to get an idea. [img][/img] [url][/url]

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    Sorry I meant ceremony venue not reception in the first sentence . . .
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    Your venue is gorgeous!!  I think an Indian mandap rental place would definitely have something similar, or at least have access to materials to make something similar from scratch.   You should also check with florists, as they usually have altars and may have one with a similar shape.
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