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still not finding a venue

I still don't have a venue...I'm in Boston and wedding is in Houtson this comminig November. The 3 places I called ARE available for a wedding on a sunday afternoon but I have 2 issues:1- the 2 places I liked are coflicting with Sinday Bruch! and don't know if that will be a good idea, having my reception in one room and all the bululu of a sunday brunch nearby. These are restaurants and Hotels.2- I loved one place which I could rent for my wedding. not need to worry about sunday brunch but TADA!... super expensive.All other places I'm looking in the knot website just show me pictures of the bride and cake, not really the rooms (is that a red flag or what's up with that ?!)Anyone can give me a suggestion, if you are in Houston , better.Thanks ladies.....
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    Have you tried asking on the local Houston board?  You may get some more responses there.  We mostly looked at hotels because we really wanted a hotel (a lot of OOT guests and guests who are big drinkers) and most websites didn't offer up too many pictures.  So you're best bet would be to just make an appointment to check it out.  Or email them to see if they could send you additional photos.  Regarding the 2 venues you liked with the issue of Sunday brunch.  Are the rooms close by?  Are they very busy/popular brunch spots?  If you've only looked at these 3 places, I would check out some more before deciding.  We easily looked at about 10-15 venues before deciding!
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    I'm a Houston SA knottie.  Which places are you looking at?  We picked the Zaza but I wouldn't recommend it.  I'm completely having buyers remorse with it and the people there.Have you thought about the Mariott Townsquare in Sugarland or the Safari Ballroom?  That's where a lot of the SA weddings I've attended have been.  There's also the Parador, Paraiso Maravillas, Chateau Polonez, and Ashton Gardens.  If you want a hotel, I'd check the Intercontinental, Rennaissance Greenway, Marriott Woodlands, or Hilton Post Oak.If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at lilmisssha at gmail dot com
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    Totally unhelpful, but when I read "Sinday bruch" I was like, "wow, yet another Hindu festival I haven't heard of."    Can you have anyone locally go to these places on a Sunday to see just how noisy/crazy they can be?  My gut instinct is that Sunday brunch shouldn't be as noisy or chaotic as a Saturday night disco or even dinner.
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