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DC/NoVa blouse stitching?

I could've sworn that this has been asked before, but I can't find it by searching the board.  One of my bms lives in Fairfax, VA.  I'm planning on sending her sari to her and having her find someone to stitch the blouse.  Any thoughts on a good place to send her?  She's new to sari wearing (as am I), so it would be helpful if the place I send her is patient and can explain the different styles of blouses to her well. 

Re: DC/NoVa blouse stitching?

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    There was definitely a post from awhile back but I can't find it, either.  I had my sari blouse altered at Matt's Custom Tailor in Falls Church:'m not sure if they can make a blouse from scratch, but the owner, Matt, said he had experience with Indian clothing, so it might be worth at least calling him (he is Afghani).  He could probably at least do something basic, maybe not designer-y, though.I called a LOT of Indian clothing stores to try to get my blouse altered and because it was last minute, I just didn't have enough time because the stores would rather work on saris that have been purchased in their actual shops.  If you have some lead time, have your friend call some Indian shops.  Ruby's Collection near Tyson's Corner has been mentioned several times on here as having good clothing selection and good customer service.  I didn't know about this place when I was dealing with my sari alterations.
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    I love Ruby's Collection in Fall's Church/Vienna and use them for everything now, after trying a couple other places.  They are super friendly and the tailor is good.For blouse styles, send her to
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