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Trial garlands!

I did a trial of an all-rose garland using flowers from Whole Foods today and it looked pretty good!  I found that the flowers tend to break if you stick the needle in the green base of the flower first and then pull through the bloom.  It was better for me to stick the needle through the bloom and pull through the green base (which I know has some proper name, but I have no clue what it is).  I'll need to figure out exactly how many roses I'll use, divide that number in half and do half facing one way and half the other way if we end up doing our own.  But overall the test garland looked really good and much prettier and more traditional than the ones I could get from my florist.  Plus, at less than $10 a dozen, they're way cheaper. 

Re: Trial garlands!

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    $10 a dozen roses, of course, not $10 per dozen garlands!
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    ohh! do you have any pics? good job on price though!
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    I didn't take any pics.  Darn!  I could take one now, but it's been in my hot hot living room all night and looks a little droopy.  I'll absolutely post pics of the real thing that I'll make - AW - one month from today!!!!
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    Not bad...and you can tailor it more to your taste. FYI-if you put the garlands in the fridge the night before-they will stay fresh for the wedding the next day.
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    My florist was going to get garlands for us but she could only get all orchids or all white. She's the one who suggested trying to make them (because the flowers from her + her labor would have been pretty pricey). So, if I don't do them morning of, she'll actually keep them in her cooler and bring them with the rest of the flowers day of.
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    That's great. :)I second what mastistyle said about putting them in the fridge overnight (just make sure it is not too cold).  I also suggest spritzing them with water and putting plastic over them (ie. plastic shopping bag).  I've done flowers for quite a few weddings and this has worked great for me.
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    Moist paper towels covering the flowers will work also. Then put in the refrigerator. The later you can make them before the wedding the better condition they will be in.
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    That's awesome!  Can't wait to see pics! My mom made our garlands for the wedding and has made garlands for many of my cousin's weddings over the years and I agree with pps.  My mom layed each garland in it's own large plastic tupperware container, covered it with a damp paper towel and put it in the fridge.  She made our garlands 2 days before the weddings and they were completely fresh the day of!
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    My florist quoted me an outrageous price for the garlands as well.  I was nervous about making them myself because of time so I was thinking about ordering these leis from ebay especially for the milni.  The seller says it'll be 10 for $60.  I was going to order one to test it out anyone have any thoughts/experience?
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