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I'm Married!

So I don't have any pics (at all yet!) to share, but I wanted to post now that I'm back from the honeymoon.I have raves on a few vendors -- specifically relevant to this board: my mehendi caterer, my henna artist, my make-up artist, my hairstylist, my manicurist, my florist, my planner ...  All in all, things went well except for the Imam getting my husband (not FI! that's weird!) name wrong.  As in, not just mispronouncing it, but using the wrong name entirely -- in the ceremony.  And the band leader deciding it was cool to dress up as Elvis.  We had only 2 no-shows (death in the family) and no added guests.  And FI kissed me at the end of the fist dance.  Yay!(I also have some specific thoughts on why you should all use DJs, not a band.)I hate to type too much so let me know what you want to know!  Here's the short of it: I did my henna on Thursday.  My sisters threw a very low-key 35-person, ladies-only Mehendi/Bridal shower on Friday night that was fabulous.  We did pics in both American and Indian outfits before the ceremony on Saturday.  Had a Muslim ceremony with some American elements and a modified "mandap" design in reds and golds.  Used live classical music for processional and taped Indian music (shehnai) for recessional.  Had a non-alcoholic cocktail hour.  Sit down dinner with assigned seating and both American and Indian pre-polled entree options.  A regular American wedding band that put on pre-recorded Desi music for breaks.  A photobooth.  Husband (eek!) and I both wore Indian clothes for ceremony and American clothes for reception.

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