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I finally got around to writing up some vendor reviews. you can find them in my bio if interested. My wedding was in DE but I used some NJ SA vendors (photo, video, caterers...)..couple of raves and a couple words of caution!

Re: vendor reviews

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    DJ was from NJ too..
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    shilps, I used PoA for my reception and have heard nothing about rave reviews about the food (so far!) and I agree with you about Twin Productions - they showed up on time and did their stuff so I'm very excited about the final product (if I ever decide which music to select!) :)
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    swan! congrats! how was the wedding fabulous im sure ! .. i STILL owe twin my music selection, its been over a month for me...thats definitely one thing I wish i did before, b/c now for some reason...i just cant get my act together !
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    thanks shilps! My wedding/reception was such a blur, I still have a hard time believing in actually happened! So munch preparation and planning and it just whizzed by! I'm still thinking about various things that I wanted to happen but didn't - nothing really major, but stuff like we didn't get to take the family pictures where I wanted, the reception ran on IST so we didn't have enough dancing time, etc, etc - but overall I think it went really well though! I wish I'd selected the music for Twin Productions earlier too - I kept planning to do it, but somehow I never did and now I don' t know when I'm going to find the time to decide.
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