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Hi ladies,My wedding date is getting getting close! I got my shoes for the reception and lehenga that I'll be wearing. My question is about the shoes for the ceremony. I know I'm not wearing shoes when I'm at the mandap, but what do I wear before that?I've never been to an Indian wedding so my wedding will be my first Indian wedding. I was thinking of getting a par os "slides" low heel sandals, so I can easily remove them.What do you normally do???Any suggestions where to get shoes online other than Zappos? I got my reception shoes from Zappos , lovely, but not finding anything for when I wear my sari/Ceremony.Thanks!!!
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Re: Shoes

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    I plan on wearing gold sandals that will slide off easily so that I wouldn't have to bend down to remove my shoes.  I was actually thinking of wearing these flip flops by Reef, which would be very simple but do the trick.
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    I honestly didn't even think about this until the morning of our Hindu ceremony (just call me Ms. Prepared) and I ended up going barefoot.  Hey, I had a nice pedicure, it was all good.  Later on, for lunch and talking to folks, I threw on flip flops.  No one could see them.
  • Meghana55Meghana55 member
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    ditto D2M - I just went barefoot down the aisle.  Sari covered most of my feet anyway and I had a nice pedicure.  Plus my mom was pretty insistent on me not wearing shoes at all, since you can't wear shoes on the mandap.  After the ceremony, I wore the flip flops I had worn on the way to the venue and no one even saw them because the sari covered them.
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    I wore strappy gold sandals that came off easily for my entire wedding (except when we were under the mandap). I found them for around $30 at DSW. They weren't thongs - they had a short heel and a strap that came up around the back of the heel but didn't tie around the ankle. Pretty easy to take off at the mandap but they didn't slip off any other time.
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    I am wearing juttis for the ceremony and reception. :)
  • egoego
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    I wore a pair very similar to these: http://www.zappos.com/pelle-moda-quip-gold-glitter-fabric-w-gold-stoneI think mine were more glittery. Anyway, looks pretty, and easy to take off. I wore them for the reception too.  I have also worn them with a black dress.
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    Same as D2M and Meghana -- I went barefoot because the shoes I had were 3" heels and the woman dressing me told me that if she put my sari on to go with the shoes, I would trip all over it in the mandap. Something to consider...
  • katie978katie978 member
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    I wore gold sandal slip ons from zappos, they're called Touch Ups by Marcella.  I think WDC bride wore them for her wedding too.  I ended up just staying in them for the reception.  (H is my height to low heels are my life now)  They were great for both.  Here's a link:http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/7395380/c/385.htmlI got my mehendi party shoes from shoes.com which I'd never used before but seemed pretty much exactly like zappos.  I bought several pairs and returned some, which was easy.  The shoes didn't arrive as quickly as they always do with zappos, I think that was only difference.Another online shoe place is piperlime but they're usually more expensive so I've never bought from them.  Oh Amazon has shoes too.PS wish I'd known that barefoot was an option though!  totally would have done that!
  • Bhanu&AnujBhanu&Anuj member
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    I wanted to bump this thread.

    I didn't get slip ons :( my mom said that someone can help take me shoes off before I get in the mandap (as I shouldn't be touching my feet before I get in the mandap)

    Do most people wear 'slip on' type of heels for the ceremony? 
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