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Professional Photos

Our photographer posted some photos on her blog :)http://kisofotografia.blogspot.com/2009/10/chaitali-and-mike.htmlI'm still working on the vendor reviews, but here are the photos in the meantime.  And as I'm sure you can tell, I love our photographer :)  I would definitely recommend her to anyone, especially if you're near Ohio.

Re: Professional Photos

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    Beautiful pics!  Casino night sounds like a perfect pre wedding event...indians and gambling...what more can you ask for?  Congrats again!
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    Casino night does sound awesome! My favorite shot is the one of your husband fearing for his life as he's lifted onto somebody's shoulders during his entrance :)
  • Meghana55Meghana55 member
    edited December 2011
    Beautiful pictures!  And I agree - Casino night was such a great idea!
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    Oh man, what a joyous celebration!  Looks like everyone really got down.  You look fabulous and I love both of your outfits.  The green really suits you well.  I think my favorite pic may be the one where you're trying to figure out where to seat unexpected guests -- planning an Indian wedding, in a nutshell!
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    so lovely!  i also like the green outfit - such a freshing and unique color choice! you guys seem like such a beautiful fun loving couple :)
  • katie978katie978 member
    edited December 2011
    gorgeous!! I agree with everyone else, LOVE your outfits. your wedding lehenga is stunning. Were you a 10-3 bride as well?? Did you hear who shares our anniversary?? :) Apparently they ate at Blue Duck Tavern that night.
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    Thanks guys! And congrats, Katie. We were married on 09/26, so a week earlier. The casino night idea came up because we were trying to do something a little less "Indian" for Friday night since the wedding day was very Indian. My habit of watching Whose Wedding Is It Anyway paid off because I saw someone on there do it, so we stole the idea :) Everyone seemd to really enjoy it and even the older Indian aunties were coming up to me to say it was a great idea. Funny story about the green outfit, I was very opposed to green. My mother and my aunt pretty much made me try it on, "just to see." Of course, I loved it once it was on and had to admit that once again, my mom was right!
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