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South Indian Saree dilema

Hi Ladies, The sari my in lwas gave me to wear in the ceremony doesn't fit me well :( It is a silk brocade and very stiff, thick. Anyways, I have no choice but to wear it although it is sooo far from what I had in mind. I wanted to look good on my wedding ceremony. I had the sari pre stiched at an Indian boutique nearby, and this was supposed to help, but it didn't do much.Plus I can't barely move. I found the video below, it is a malayale wedding (FI's family is Malayalee). The bride is wearing a saree similar to mine, only that she was smart to put on a belt. Can I get that kind of belt in Indias boutiques? I called a very bog one in Houston, I'm flying htere tomorrow and they don't sell belts. Any Ideas???Thanks!! my wedding is in a week!
DS was born in April 2012 at 31 weeks - 45 days in NICU ?If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?? M.B.

Re: South Indian Saree dilema

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    Duh I forgot the link, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv0Na9yKu1U
    DS was born in April 2012 at 31 weeks - 45 days in NICU ?If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?? M.B.
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    Do you get a dress change?  Most Southie weddings entail more than 1 sari.  I thought it was more important to look good for the reception - I didn't give a hoot what they wanted me to wear for the ceremony.
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    I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed about the sari. You are not the only one, though! My husband's family is Malayalee, and I was commiserating with someone on here a few months ago when we were both disappointed to find out we were wearing "boring" saris instead of beautiful bedazzled lehngas. I unfortunately don't have any advice about where to find a belt, but are you having a "professional" dress you? I hired someone to come in and dress me and it was sooooo worth it. I just stood there and she got my sari on so well it didn't bunch or pull at any point. In fact, I didn't even think about it at all, believe it or not. Is your blouse also not fitting properly? If so, you should complain and make them work on it again. I find ill-fitting blouses to be so uncomfortable.
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    from a malayalee, south indian sarees are beautiful, and I am so proud to be wearing one.  not being able to move much at any south asian wedding is not unusual, i know women who have worn lehengas so heavy and every little motion causes their dupatta to pull off their heads!  i am changing into a lehenga for the evening because it is easier to dance in but i think sarees are the most elegant piece of clothing in the world.  and at least you do not have to cover your head!  not that I do not sympathize with the heaviness of the saree.  definitely see if you can get a dresser - i don't have any suggestions, unfortunately.  the belt will help too - if I had my dance belt I would send it to you but it is in storage in another city.  sorry, i am not being helpful but is there an auntie in your fiance's family that knows how to wrap a saree well?   this will make all the difference.  make sure it is ironed well, because that also helps.  best of luck - i am sure you will be beautiful!
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    I'm a little confused.  Is it your sari blouse that doesn't fit you well?  I don't really see how the sari itself wouldn't fit (unless Malu saris are supremely different than other south indian saris).  Does it not fit well because you got it prestiched?  Could you undo the stiching and leave it as is?  And as the other girls suggested, hire a professional to come in and dress you.  That way there's a greater chance that a pro can put it on you properly.  I'm sorry you have to deal with this so close to your wedding.  And as mentioned, how about checking other stores for similar looking belts?  Indian stores may sell them.  Also, if you know of any bharatnatyam teachers in the area that you could call they might be able to let you know where they their their costumes (and belts) shipped from so that you could order something with rush shipping.   Any chance you have any family flying in from India this week and that they could bring something?
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