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Is it really worth it to travel to India to purchase your wedding dresses?  My work schedule will be tight next year and I don't think I can go.  Has anyone had someone else buy their wedding dresses in India?

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  • Rainbow17Rainbow17 member
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    I bought mine in Edison and love it.  I couldn't justify travelling across the globe just for a dress, but thats just me.  If you have several things to buy, then India might be worth it.
  • temurlangtemurlang member
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    I bought my lehnga in Artesia (the West Coast Edison).  I was appalled by the pics my SIL was sending from India and decided I needed to make sure I had something before we went.  If you're coming from the US and have limited time, I did not think the selection or prices were that much better in India.  Plus, if you buy it here you know 100% for sure what you're getting.
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