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Ok, I know I've been asking a ton of questions lately. Sorry. :( 
I'm just curious and would like some opinions. :)

1.Did you ever think about having centerpieces for the entrance of the reception or did you think it wasn't worth it? I always wanted a "Wishing Tree" on the tables where the place cards were. I think its a cute way to have guests write a little "wish" for us. 

2.Were all of the centerpieces the same for every table?

3. Were they candles, flowers, or pictures?

4. At the end of the reception, were guests able to take them home?

Re: Centerpieces

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    1. I think you have to have centerpieces.  Or maybe that is just me.  I like your idea. 

    2.  I want the same centerpieces for all the table.

    3. I want a mixture of floating candles and flowers.

    4.  I knew in the past weddings, they have been able to take it home.
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    1. I have been seeing a lot of ice sculptures during cocktail hour in front of the reception area lately, or a really nice display of seating cards mixed with florals.

    2. We are doing center pieces for every table, however I have been to weddings where the couple decided and doing less extravagent centerpieces on tables with small children.

    3. Floating Candles and flowers are the most common

    4. I see guests take home flowers all the time, but not so much the long vases with floating candles!
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    1) I think our venue or our decorator put out some small flower arrangements and rose petals. We also had some of our favorite engagement pictures displayed in frames on the table.

    2) We had two different kinds of centerpieces. One was the submerged orchid with the floating candle in three different heights and the other was a traditional low centerpiece with roses and gerbera daises.

    3) See #2

    4) Guests were able to take home the traditional rose/gerbera daisy centerpieces, but not the orchids. I think maybe one or two people might have? I know I took one, my mom took a few too :)
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