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Royal Wedding

Did any one else watch? I got up the same time I normally do and it was just Prince Charles, the Queen etc were arriving to the Abbey.

I thought Kate looked beautiful. I loved her gown and her simple, classic look.

I am sure that some of the trends will translate to weddings, but I really hope that the "less is more" look translates to Indian weddings. Not that I don't love the color, the jewelry, etc, but I feel like sometimes it's taken to the next level of overboard.

What did you ladies think?

Re: Royal Wedding

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    I was up at 4 feeding a newborn and trying to convince her big brother to go back to sleep. The wedding never even crossed my mind, lol, but we don't have "real" TV anyway. Just NetFlix. I’ll catch the highlights online after I get some chores and errands done.

    I did see some photos. The dress was gorgeous. And they look so happy.
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    I didn't watch it cause I knew there were going to be highlights as soon as the wedding was over. plus, I was studying and watching Tangled instead. :) Honestly, as much as I loooove weddings, I wasn't too excited for the Royal Wedding. =/ 
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    It was really really early here, and besides that I use sleeping pills, so getting up at 3:00 am wasn't really an option.  But as soon as I got up I went online to see it lol!

    LOVED her dress.  It's just gorgeous, elegant, she looked lovely, and just like a princess should.  Loved the MOH dress too.

    I prefer the simpler look in almost everything (yes, having an Indian wedding was a challenge), and I do hope people will see how elegant and timeless a simpler look can be.

    But did anyone see what Eugenie and Beatrice (Sarah Ferguson's daughters) were wearing??? I think they're pretty girls, but they were sabotaged by their bizarre hats!
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    OMG the hats those girls were wearing were SO bizarre! The pink one made her look like the Easter bunny!

    The dress was so beautiful! So elegant and classic.

    I feel like William was out done by Harry though, haha!
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    Oh and how could I forget their getaway? Loved the car, the personalized plate and the tin cans tied to the bumper. Too cute!
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    I loved her classy!!
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    The royalty!  The millions of people on the streets cheering for the Duke and Duchess :)  I didn't see it, but saw some clips :) Loved her dress as well :)

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    The cat woke me up at 3:30... decided to turn on the tv and her brother was doing his reading. I remember the choir boys singing and then I fell asleep. When I woke up for work, I saw the highlights.
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    I loved watching the royal wedding... although I dvr-ed it lol
    but Raangoli I completely agree with you... I love the color the jewelry of South Asian weddings but after watching Kate and how stunning and elegant she looked I am truly looking at re-doing my outfit for the Valima (reception).

    I looked the ivory lace!!! I wonder if do an ivory lace with s bit silver work do you ladies think it will look good?

    Everyone tells me white is my color, but do you guys think i will be outshined but the guests?  lol
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