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Happy Friday!!!

Hello Ladies,

How's everyone doing today??  I finally talked to FI last night, their ship finally got into Honolulu, apparently they have had a lot of equipment problem and some of their computers and radars, so he didn't get any of my mail.  But I am glad he called me, I was getting worried about the no response.  He also was talking about moving our vacation into November, IF he ends up coming back into Hawaii after Korea, he is going to ask to get off the ship and have me fly out there and spend a week with him and then both of us fly back together.

 Although I love the idea, I will be in school and there is no guarantee he is actually going to come back that way.  Too many unpredictable variable.  But he said he will see when we get closer to November.  A part of me wants to wait till December, when I will have time off from both work and school and I can really enjoy our time together, but there is another part of me that just wants to see him ASAP regardless of work and school!!! 

What's going on with everyone else?  Any plans for the weekend?

My school started this week and now I have labs from 9-5 on Saturdays and lost my one and only day to just relax.  I also started taking swimming classes two weeks ago, its only once a week on Sunday and I got my sister to take it with me. I realized that I am so freakn' scared of water, seriously it is embarrassing.  But last week I am finally getting comfortable with floating and went to the deep end with one of those floaties they use to teach.  (I know I know pathetic!!! But seriously an accomplishment for me).  I haven't told the FI that I am taking those classes, just in case I don't actually learn to swim just yet and if I do I can surprise him with it later.  But I have provided enough laughter to my sister at my expense. 

Sorry for the long post, I haven't posted in a while and not coming here as often, so I just wanted to catch up!!!

Have a great and safe weekend everyone!!

Re: Happy Friday!!!

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    Congrats! I'm sure it's hard being apart for so long. I hope you get to go Hawaii with him. Learning how to swim is important. We recently had 6 people die in this area because they didn't know how to swim. It's really important especially if your in Hawaii.

    This is FI weekend to work so we won't be doing too much but we will be going to a few parties.
  • HinajHinaj member
    edited December 2011
    6 people!!! That's is alot!!!  Seriously, I really don't do much while he's gone except, I should do this with him when he gets back!!!  Thanksfully, I get busy with school or something to take my mind of it. 
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    I am so glad you finally got to speak to your FI, Hina! I would have been getting worried to after that long. I hope that the plans for a November trip to Hawaii work out, that would be great!

    I don't know how to swim either, if that makes you feel better. I tried taking swim lessons once, but I didn't really learn to swim. Well not the breast stoke or anything. I can do the back stroke now, like a 5 year old. Haha!
  • Trupti8584Trupti8584 member
    edited December 2011
    Yay Hina! I hope you guys get to meet soon. Haha, swimming classes sound fun. Iam sure it will be a big surprise for FI. Oh and I cant swim either :( May be I should join one of those classes.

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    If it makes you feel any better, Hina, I'm 25, have lived in Florida since I was 3, and I *still* don't know how to swim. Spent the last 22 years of my life in a state that's got water on three sides, and I never learned how to swim. I can keep my head above water, but that's about it!

    I got almost the whole house clean today. Only room I didn't get to was Kidlet's, but that's ok. If I can't get to it this evening, I can do it tomorrow when he's spending Saturday night with Grandma:)

    The only plan I have for the weekend is meeting with a potential venue on Sunday evening. My mom offered to let us use her back yard because ours isn't big enough for 50 people, and then she remembered that in December it's cold and it gets dark affter 5. Since our wedding's on a Thursday, we'll have to have it in the evening so the ones who aren't on vacation can make it. Her back yard is nice and roomy, but the house isn't big enough to hold 50 people at once (30 maybe, but my family alone is 26 people!). So she very kindly offered us $500 to find an indoor venue for 50 people, and I'm meeting with one who has a room for $400.
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