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wedding in 6months vs 8months?! Help!


So I recently got engaged, and for personal reasons, must get married this year. I've been frantically venue shopping...ideal date (later in year which would give me more time to plan) or venue that I love?

the venue that i LOVE (great hotel where I can host everything) only has availability 7/28/12.

the venue that I Like (banquet hall where I'll have to shuttle people back and forth from hotel and feel would be inconvenience) has availability on ideal date: 9/22/11.

Ladies, it is 2/7/12 TODAY. and I haven't booked anything yet! I have names for vendors from friends that I would love to use so could start calling right away i guess, but I'm freaking out that 7/28/12 is so close, and am thinking I'll have to do the other venue which I don't love as much but the date is ideal.

Do you know others in this situtaiton or are in this yourself? Anyone have any advice? I guess i'm wondering how long really will it take to plan everything if i start now? Anything is appreciated at this point.

Re: wedding in 6months vs 8months?! Help!

  • We planned our wedding in 7 months, mostly because there wasn't an available venue until 7 months out from when we got engaged.  6 months would have been completely doable if we had found a venue.

    The main thing is how flexible you are and how your area is.  I had never thought about my wedding and didn't personally have strong feelings about getting a particular vendor, date, or location.  I also like many types of food, flowers, and styles, so I wasn't disappointed if one thing wasn't available.

    My friend had extremely specific needs for her wedding, including a particular venue, caterer, cake, flowers, etc. and she had to take a date 18 months out to get those things.

    Our area tends to get heavily booked between May and October (thus I got married in November), but that might be different in your area.

    Also, the venue has to be the first thing you choose anyway, so we booked most of our vendors under 6 months from the wedding.
  • If it were me, I would pick the earlier one that you love. Shuttling people back and forth is a nuissance and would stress you out on the day-off. Id rather be stressed out before hand during the planning process. Six months is doable if you know what you want.

    Would you be willing to get a wedding planner to help you out since you have 6 months to plan? That might ease the burden.
  • I personally do not think finding the vendors will be an issues.  I think that the toughest part to a wedding is coming to a mutual agreement with family, fiance and future inlaws.  All the little logistics is where the tough part comes into play.  Let me know if you need any help!

    - Pratichi
  • I've seen weddings planned in 6 months, though I could never do it because I'm so indecisive and feel like I have to look at 10 vendors for each vendor type before I can choose. If you are more decisive/less picky and can make decisions after looking at 2-3 vendors, its much more doable. It also depends on how much help you have from your fiance, family, friends. Good luck!
  • I would say if you have the venue you want and can get any other critical vendors you know you really want, go for the earlier date.  Also make sure that works with your families!  But pulling it together in 6 months is doable.  You'll need to do a little catch-up to sign up vendors right away, but most of my planning didn't really happen until we were within 6 months anyway.  Before then we just were signing up vendors.

    Good luck!!!!
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  • We planned our wedding in 6 months and I am very glad that we did. We chose to get married in an off-season (i.e. November) and on a Sunday so that most likely helped to ensure that our top choices for venue, photographer, etc. were available. I think it's definitely do-able. You just won't have the time to change your mind or debate between more than 5 choices. For each area that we had to make a decision on, we narrowed it down to our top 2 or 3 and went from there.

    Good luck with your planning!
  • I am in a similar boat - but going with the earlier date (even earlier than yours! 7/7!), and though it seems daunting, the vendor is the largest piece of the puzzle and I'd go with a place I love over a place I just like.  I'm sure all the rest will fall in place soon... you still have a full 5 months to plan!  And seems like you're fine with vendors (I'm doing all the research from scratch).  Plus, wedding-planning seems like a stressful time (so far) so I want to get it over with sooner rather than later as I'm just looking forward to being married!   Also, a lot of my friends have planned their weddings in 6months and they've turned out beautifully.
    You'll be fine...just be organized, stay on task, and remember to enjoy the fun parts (like picking out outfits!).  GOOD LUCK.
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