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CONFUSED! Ordering 2nd lighter dupatta

hello, my original dupatta is way too heavy for my hair style, so i need to order  2nd lighter dupatta with matching border, i am very confused as to what size it should be, please help! thanks...

Re: CONFUSED! Ordering 2nd lighter dupatta

  • I'm no expert, but wouldn't you want it to be the same size, just a lighter weight fabric?  It needs to be relatively large to cover your head, be pinned properly, and still look nice and elegantly draped.  Mine was a very light weight silk (almost a chiffon).  Could you have them make something to match in that type of material?
  • Thank you for replying, yes they can make it with soft net matching border and everything because I am having it custom made, however I wasnt sure about the size, was thinking maybe 80"x50"?
  • I measured mine and they are about 50 x 100.  I am 5'4" and wore them Rajasthani style (back to front), and I would say 80" would be too short for me.  You could try draping any dupatta or scarf to see what length you need.
  • Well one thing I did to have the look of the heavier dupatta is just to have that pinned normally on my shoulder etc., and order a smaller one (about 1.5 yards?) to only wear on my head.  I didn't want it pinned exactly like the other dupatta.  The place I got my outfit from draped a sample dupatta on me and I told them how long I wanted it based on that, rather a specific length.  

  • MIne are about 50" x 100".  I am 5'4" and wore them back to front and I don't think 80" would be long enough for me.  You could [probably get an idea of how long it needs to be by draping one you already have as you will wear it for the wedding and estimate if that's enough.
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