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Taking Care of Wedding Clothes....

My cousins (from India) sent me my Sangeeth & Mendhi outfits both of which are very heavy with lots of beads and diamonds.  How do you take care of these outfits...I can't hang them up the beading will fall off if I put it over a hanger...I tried folding it but then all the bead touch each other...any thoughts...


Re: Taking Care of Wedding Clothes....

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    Try folding, but use tissue paper in between (plain white tissue paper, like what stores pack clothes in, the colored ones can run).  I don't think you're ever supposed to hang up clothes with lots of work on them because the beads etc. will come off faster and the cloth can lose its shape.  On the other hand the work should not touch itself, or it will pull off.  If you have plenty of tissue paper you can make sure all the work is only touching paper when you fold stuff.
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    I agree with the comments above. i just got back from india and was specifically told by the design house NOT to even unwrap my lehenga until it was time to wear it.  That - i think will be impossible - b/c i will need to try it on again before the wedding in june to make sure no more adjustments are needed, but I'm keeping it folded and packed exactly as they gave it to me until then.  They used the same thing Temurlang is suggesting - white tissue paper- in b/w the layers.  
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    Fold them up with tissue paper between the folds and anywhere the beads might touch. Then wrap them in more tissue paper - kinda like they do at department stores. Lay them flat in a box (cardboard's ok, but I prefer cloth or plastic because cardboard attracts bugs).

    The sound really pretty - can't wait to see pictures!
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    You don't need more people saying the same thing! So same thing the girls said
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    Same thing.  I keep mine in big plastic boxes like this:

    You can lay them pretty flat that way, plus they take up less space if they are under your bed.
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