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Hi everyone, i am recently engaged, and currently living in London (job sent me here) but planning a wedding for Houston, so yes pretty hectic road ahead.  I am wondering if any of you have good ideas how to incorporate some Indian culture into my wedding/reception (my mom is black and dad is Indian) so far i am thinking a sari for reception, of course a roce the evening before, but any ideas on aesthetics or music or anything is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi ishpish

    I'm also planning a wedding from far. I'll be doing mine in Atlanta. :) It can be hectic planning from far, but thanks to sites like these and the fact that so many venues/vendors have information on their websites it alleviates some of the stress.

     I guess a lot of the wedding has to do with your taste. I'm Punjabi and personally going for a bright color theme wedding. I was thinking of orange, pink, red, cream. Or just bluish tones. Music wise I"ll definitely have a dohl player and bhangra music going and throw in some Hindi songs here and there. Maybe you could make your wedding invites more of an Indian theme if you want to incorporate some of that background in. 

    Also you're in London, and they're known for their variety in Indian clothing. If you want you can also visit this website for Indian clothes. 

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