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U.S. based bridalwear websites?

Hi girls! Do you know of any really good bridalwear websites that are based in the states? I don't think I would want to buy my wedding outfits online but was curious if you knew of any ones that are based in the states with a good selection. I love the bridal Lenghas at but they are based in London and everytime I email them, they never email me back! :(

Thanks in advance!

Re: U.S. based bridalwear websites?

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    Try calling them instead of emailing... I know store owners are super busy when they are, and when they get home, they might not get a chance to check their email!


    I know you can find really good items at as well, as I've purchased outfits here, and they've come in record time!   I've talked to the staff before about quality and expenses of the products they carry... the only thing is, most of their products are gone fast, so if you see something you like, you can't just sit and wait on it.  I've never seen two of the same products again!

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