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Fake eyelashes on your BD

Did you girls (those of you who are married or who have had major wedding events already) wear fake eyelashes on your big day? I've always been curious to see myself in a pair but have never tried them out!

Re: Fake eyelashes on your BD

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    Yes! I did and I loved them :) They add another level of glam to the over all look. You can go for the full "set" or if you just want a subtle look, you can do "corners".

    For our wedding I went all out and they looked awesome (or so I hope they do in the pictures, they looked great in person.)  A few years ago I did the "corners" for a friend's wedding and they were pretty awesome, too.
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    Did you have the kind that are lash by lash or the kind that stick on?
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    I had the single lash kind (but all across, hope that makes sense) kind.  I CANNOT seem to put them on myself, but the MA did a great job.  You couldn't see any seem or that plastic strip in person and they make the eyes look awesome in photos.

    Highly recommend Smile
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    I had the same kind that Temurlang is taking about - the full lashes that go across. The MUA did it, I didn't. I wouldn't be able to get them back on if my life depended on it.
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    AGREED with pp!

    I've never used fake lashes before my wedding day and now I want to buy a pack or two to keep handy!

    They definitely make your eyes pop ! they are a little tricky to get on and I personally felt them on me he entire night but with our elaborate outfits you need the glammed up hair and make up to complete the look!
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    [QUOTE]I decided not to use them since I already have really long lashes and with mascara and eye makeup, my eyes would have felt heavier, so yeah- didn't do it and don't regret it.
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    I have practically non-existant lashes, so I do plan to wear false ones.

    I was a bridesmaid for a friend of mine this year, and wore them. People definitely noticed. Kinda annoying at first, but I got used to them.... had them one for a week.
    I had the small sections ones... maybe 3 lashes per piece. I had a piece come out, but it wasn't noticable.
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