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Hi Nina!  How is your wedding planning going? I wanted to ask you if you had any good recommendations for a hindu priest and Indian vendors for the mandap, food, and DJ in the Miami area. Have you booked these vendors yet?

p.s. We have FINALLY decided on a venue!  We sent in our depost at the Deering Estate today and are getting married on 3/31/12! :) I'm SO glad that part is over, it was hard to find a venue!

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    Hi Priya!  Deering Estates is beautiful!  Congrats on your first major check.  It took us close to 6 months to find a venue, and I'm also glad that part is over.

    We're not having a traditional Indian/Hindu wedding, so I'm not really looking for Mandaps, or priests.

    When it comes to food, you'll find most of the Indian caterers in Broward County.  Indian house is pretty cheap, but I tried their food at their buffet recently and it was awful, so we passed.  We are going to try Madras Cafe next, which I hear good things about.  I'm not too familiar with the Broward area, but I would just suggest googling.  A few restuarants I've heard of are Royal Indian and Bombay Grill, but don't know how they are.

    We haven't looked at DJs yet, but hear Liquid does Indian music.  There are plenty of West Indians here, so you might find some DJs that do the Indian/Soca thing.

    I just booked a ticket to NJ to do bridal clothes shopping.  Have you been out there before? 
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    Hey girls, I'm going to chime in because I think I'm a little bit further along in the planning process.

    For caterers, we're using Woodlands for our mehndi night.  They reopened a couple months back and the fod is just as good as it was before they closed.  They only do veg food, though. 

    I've tried Bombay Grill's buffet and I wasn't crazy about it, but a friend of mine swears that their catering is amazing.

    For DJ, we have Ace DJ.  They've done some other weddings in the family, and they're going to integrate Western & Indian music.

    At the mehndi night, we're having the singer from Sangeet Band ( I've heard recordings of her singing, but she was asked by a family friend to sing for us.

    Finally, for mehndi, we're using Indu Salon ( They're also going to do my hair and makeup for the mehndi.  We looked at Anju Thakker, but her prices were a little too high for us.

    For flowers, I looked at Suhaag Gardens (, but ended up going with a non-Indian florist who is more familiar with our venue.
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    HI ladies! Thanks for your responses!

    Nina - I've heard of Madras Cafe, let me know what you think of them.  They are on our list!  I've been to Edison before but not for Indian clothing shopping.  I'm going to head there in April to look for my reception dress but I'm still undecided if I'm going to wear Indian or Western for the reception.  But I hear Oak Tree Road has a bunch of good shops and these are the ones I've heard are good: Sheetal, Sahil, The Mall. and Georgeous Studio. 

    Andamu - Woodlands is on our list of places to try for food too.  I've heard good things. They only do non-veg, right?  Are you going to serve any Western foods too?  For our reception, I think we're going to serve mostly Indian and some Western too.
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