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Indian/American Cusine Caterer Help!!!!

Hi Ladies, I am trying to find a caterer in my area(Maryland/DC) who does indian and american cusine for the reception. I know all of you are all around the US but do you have any ideas how I can begin, I googled and looked but I really want good traditional indian food along with American food, so that my FI(Punjabi) and I will both be happy!! I truly think it would be best to incorporate both of our cultures!!!!!! Thank you!

Re: Indian/American Cusine Caterer Help!!!!

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    Have you already booked a venue?  I am catering in Indian food to our hotel, and then using the hotel's food/bev minimum fee to offer american apps as well as cover the bar service.  hope that helps!
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    Thanks. I havent booked a venue but the venue we may be going with is only outside caterering which I prefer. Thank you for your inquiry though.
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