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Indian Cusine Caterer in DC/MD area

Hi ladies, I am looking for an indian food caterer with some american food influences possibly in the dc and/or md area...not so expensive, comfortably affordable for 100 ppl please. TIA!!!!!!

Re: Indian Cusine Caterer in DC/MD area

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    You might want to check with some of the larger "catering" companies in the area.  Often they have indian restaurants that they work with for South asian menus, and then you could use them for the more traditional "western" items you want.  We didn't end up booking with a caterer (since we only needed the Indian food). 

    Hope that helps.

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    We did the same thing with Tandoori Nights - they created a "western" chicken dish for our non-Indian guests.  Of course, no one ate it because everyone wanted the Indian food, but at least it was there as an option.  I highly recommend them, by the way, they were fantastic and the food is great!  Also check out Chef Mukesh at Bharat Cuisine - he comes from the hotel industry, so he's familiar with all types of food, not just Indian.  In the end, we just liked the food at Tandoori  Nights better, but Mukesh was our second choice.
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    We looked at Mukesh as well, he does seem very professional.  We ulimately have decided to go with Kumar from Rangoli out in Chantilly (loved the food and couldn't beat the price), but prior to that we were looking at R&R (american catering company) that works with a indian chef to make the indian food.

    hope that helps! 
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    There are quite a few choices in the DC Area.

    1. Akbar Restaurant - Baltimore (very good)
    2. Tandoori Nights - Arlington
    3. Aroma Indian Restaurant - Shrlington (good north indian)
    4. Angeenthi Indian - Herndon
    5. Ravi Kabob - Halal menu, very good food

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