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Help: Reception Color Palate & Outfit Color

I really wanted to go for a softer, romantic, elegant reception (which will most likely be black tie). The colors I was going for was champagne / off white with blush pinks, a pop of bolder pinks (maybe), and golds. The other possibility of a reception color palette was all white with gold.

Here are a few examples:



The problem I am having is, I am not sure what type of outfit to get for the reception in terms of color. If you're doing softer and romantic colors, can you do any color outfit you want? We thought we'd have some lighting to make it a different hue (possibly purple or pink to go with the blush pinks. hat colors should I and COULD I wear?

Re: Help: Reception Color Palate & Outfit Color

  • I think these colors are really pretty and will look great!  Any color outfit would work really.  You don't have to match your colors.  I think you should decide what color and outfit to wear depending on what looks good on you.  Also, whatever you wear make sure you LOVE it, fits you, and you are comfortable in it.  Even if you get a purple or pink outfit and do not do uplighting I think it will still look good.  That being said, uplighting gives a whole new look to the room and looks amazing!
  • I was thinking if I do a pop of pink (a bolder pink) into the flower arrangements, maybe a pink would like nice as a reception outfit. I want to keep as much color-coordinated as I can. But, I can also do gold, white, etc.

    I have a tendency to worry that if I don't match, that it won't look right, but I have to be moreopen minded! It'll be some sort of lehnga so I'll have to track one down that matches the color scheme! If I do an all white theme with gold / silver, then I have more options as well!

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    I agree with you Sonali! I think a bright red outfit would look out of place with the decor. Stick to pastels. Might a light orange or a pastel green would look great!
  • Red is just for the wedding. No green or orange - they're banned from the wedding. I think since my colors in my flowers will be blushes, pinks, and corals, I'll pick from one of those! My fiance hates green and I'm not too keen on orange.
  • My lehnga was what I would describe as a dark fuchsia.  Colors like that (vivid, but not exact;y bright or dark) will present a nice contrast for photos without clashing with the decor.  I would try to get the lehnga first, though, because you don't know what you'll actually like or find, whereas there are many lovely flowers in all different pink tones, so you can surely match any outfit.

    Many American weddings have white as a major part of the decor.  I think the photos of the same color dress and background can be much flatter than when there's a contrast.
  • I'm using the same color palette (clean/elegant/romantic) and my reception outfit is navy blue (not very common - didn't want to go the typical route and do red/white).  With that color scheme (pinks/white/gold), I would stay away from red, as that's one color that would really clash.  You could do fuschia or deep purple as well..
    A good point that I'll share with you that my decorator told me - you don't want to match your surroundings. The bride should pop, and so you don't want to wear the SAME colors as your color scheme, because you will blend in with your surroundings (and Im the kind of bride that wants to stand out, not blend in -- as I would imagine all brides are that way?!).  My navy blue goes really well with the whites/pink palette... but i think like a champagne colored outfit (with lots of work) would also go nicely (as long as there's enough work).  Good luck! (btw, pink is a great color for a candy bar too - which we're also doing..and which I saw in that link you posted. so cute!).
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