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Re: Pro-Pics!

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    Yay!  These are gorgeous!

    I love the one of you with the fluffy dog.  The one on the staircase is also amazing!
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    I do have a question though if you don't mind...when did you switch from your sari to the white wedding dress at the reception? I notice both outfits at the reception location and am curious how you managed :) I also want to do an outfit change which is why I'm asking


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    Wow!!  Those are just beautiful pictures!!  Thanks for sharing!!  How stunning!!!
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    You looked beautiful! The pictures are amazing! Congrats again and thanks for sharing :)
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    thank you all!

    we changed while everyone was eating.  we had a dance group performing a dance, then slideshow, then another dance.  so, that gave us about 20 minutes to change.  just an FYI- we didnt get to eat a thing :)
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    Your pictures came out beautiful, congrats!
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