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OL Wednesday

Dear FFIL,
I love that you noticed I was stressed about the seating chart and told me I don't have to do it. It shows how great you are!!
- Your FDIL

Dear Married Knotties,
I was very jealous of you last night! FI and I were having a great night and then I had to leave! I hate having to leave. I wish June was here and I could just start being married to him and finally move into our house!
- The green eyed knottie.

Re: OL Wednesday

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    Dear Sleep:

    Why must you be so elusive? The one night in the last two weeks that Kidlet actually sleeps *all night* and I'm up till 2 anyway. Try not to be so difficult tonight, k?

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    Dear people I work with,

    Why is it that I have all my work done to you in time then you let me know, at mignight, that I have three more ads to write and upload to the server to go live by Friday? I would appreciate it if you got your stuff together. Also, it is REALLY FRUSTRATING to work on ads and complete them and find out that they are no longer being used because half of the merchants are being changed for next week's calender. So much for my head start. Thank God I get paid for whatever I write, regardless of whether it goes live or not.


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    Dear OL Tuesday.

    Youre supposed to be Wednesday. :)

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    Dear Stephanie,

    I woke up thinking it was Tuesday.. Still trying to get it straight. I fixed it ;p

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