Check :o)

Thanks to all of your Honeymoon advice! FI decided to go ahead and book it! So, we'll be spending a nice long, relaxing week on a caribben cruise :o)

And, just to follow up, no I won't be going back to work even though the cruise is 6 days after. I actually can't because it's a break for my school. So, I'll technically have to take the following week off of work as well. Aww, shucks! ;o)

I CANNOT wait!

Re: Check :o)

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    Yay! Glad you will be going on the cruise of your dreams and have an extra week off work!
    - Rachel

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    The life of being a teacher! ahhhh. hahah. that's great!!!!
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    yay! so excited for you!! congrats on the check!
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