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Cost of mandaps in NJ?

I got quoted $4500 for a spiral crystal mandap package, including reception sweetheart table.  Is that overpriced? If so what is a standard mandap ceremony package? Thanks everyone for your help!

Re: Cost of mandaps in NJ?

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    Does the price include anything else? Like your aisle decor, backdrops etc.?

    The price seems high to me, but we went with a simple cloth pillar mandap, so that could be why. Have you priced it out between a few different decorators?

    I would recommend our decorator, Event Decorators in Fairfield NJ. Here's their website: http://www.alleventdecorators.com/

    We are working with Pawan who has been great so far. We've visited their office twice and worked with her via email to finalize our contract and other misc. stuff.
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    yeah it includes, aisle decor,2 chairs for us, 2 for parents,  ganesh table, backdrop, all the pooja material, entrance gate, sweetheart table, change of backdrop for reception. etc..  is  $4500 with all that included still high?
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    For comparison sake, we were charged 4900 CAD for our decor (which included morning and evening)

    Here are the details of what our package had:

    We had a 24ft high backdrop with open concept 12 ft pillar mandap with all cloth and floral detail.  It included a stage white out, all req'd chairs.  Walkway with aisle runner (rose petals), pedastals along aisle with bowls filled with water, rose petals, and floating candles.  Bridal arch (with a closure), Ganesh table dressing.

    For the evening we had a dressed receiving table, dressed cake table, dressed podium, 45 table cloths, 45 centerpieices (3ft high but with no florals), stage whiteout, sweetheart table, 24ft backdrop with cloth draping, two large floral center/accent pieces (on top of pedastols) on the stage and 2 smaller ones + floral decor on the sweetheart table, with small things like roses, rose petals, floating candles etc

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    Wow, prices are pretty comparible in Arizona for that matter - we paid about $5k for decor alone -

    Wedding -
    Included a mandap 12' x 12' area, with specialty material, a raised stage, with stairs on both sides covered with carpet and white sheets and pinned down.  Also 300 chairs, an aisle with red carpet, and pillars to each side.

    The strings of carnations was DIY by my family - straws, strings, and the buds of carnations (costco.com) in bulk.

    At the lunch (in a banquet hall across the street) 38 tables with white table cloth only, and 300 chairs with cushion on seat and back, satin white covering, with a burgundy sash, napkins were in burgundy.

    Reception -
    Sweetheart table, with the same specialized material (as the mandap), the chairs have the added specialized material to add hints of burgundy, there's an extra table cloth on each of the tables in burgundy over the white.  The bride's and groom's parents and siblings were at two tables with specialized material...Also cups, bowls, plates, gold chargers, gold plated silverware, napkins (gold), toasting glasses, etc.

    The decorations also extended outside as well, in the cocktail area, with raised tables, and lower ones, with the burgundy tied sashes.

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    We paid $2K for backdrop draping, horse decorations, 2 bridal chairs, red carpet for the stage, and aisle, 2 Ganesh statues on two spiral crystal pillars, card table with 3 -3 foot murthis, LED lights and a full mandap setup with spiral crystal columns. We are in Orlando, FL.
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    I don't want to  quote prices online from other vendors, but the rates I have been getting are just about the same.

    I photograph Indian Weddings in New Jersey, and made friends with all the vendors, even at that your price is competitve.

    Shop around a little bit, you will find that prices may be silimilar, but service matters to. I have photographed weddings where the mandap setup fell over during the ceremony, or the vendor brought the wrong set up. Ask the guys and girls on here in the form of a PM for details, and always ask your other vendors who is the best service/value.

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    You can usually negotiate and create cost saving ways to reduce the price.  Crystal mandaps are typically the most expensive type of mandap.  If you add flowers, it can get very pricey.  That quoted price doesn't sounds too high to me, but it does depend on the whole package of what you are getting.  

    You want to be sure, if you go with a  crystal mandap, to not use too much colored uplighting, which ends up taking away from the crystals.  I went to a wedding once which had a lot of purple uplighting, and from the audience you could not make out the crystals because the lighting was too dark and overshadowed it.  

    Somtimes you can reuse the mandap at your head table or sweet heart table for your reception.  Another neat idea is to use the mandap as a dessert station and include an icesculpture inside of it for the reception.  

    Check out some ideas at this blog ...  www.shaadisaathi.com
  • My friends used a Chuppah instead of mandap, it worked very well. The people from chuppahs are us decorated with the fabrics they requested. Yes, you need to get all the ceremony items separately, but the cost of the structure itself is significantly less. Makes sense.
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