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How was the weekend? / Plans for the week!

Re: How was the weekend? / Plans for the week!

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    Bells...can you show us your website?

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    I think I am coming down with a cold, so I am bummed.

    But the only real plans I have for this week are a hair appointment tonight and at some point I have to get laundry done. Oh and get hubs fitted for a tux for our friends' wedding in February.

    Oh the glamorous life of a married woman, haha!

    I'd love to see your website, too Bells! We can help you "test" it out if you want?
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    DFW - I'm not sure what NFT means...

    Bells - how exciting! Good luck!

    Raangoli - I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Cold and flu season is definitely upon us; I hope your sickness eases up soon!

    First, some really good news - Kidlet's gait trainer was approved! His CMS caseworker called me last week and told us to check in with the equipment provider (same company that supplies his wheelchair and stander). I called them to give them updated measurements, and hopefully by Christmas he'll have his very own gait trainer for use at home, Sunday school, and therapy!

    This week I'm acclimating a new critter to the house. FI's coworker had bunnies in need of homes and Roommate had been complaining about "turning 27 and needing something to mother," so she happily agreed to adopt one. FI brought her home last night. Trouble is that Roommate works during the week and isn't home till 7 most days, so she can't really spend much time with the little furball during the week. I told her I'd be sure to check in on her, let her out for playtime, and get the dog used to her. They spent about 15 minutes playing this morning. Scamp's behaving, but he's very excited about the bunny. He's only 2 and gets very hyper and bouncy when he's excited. He's not aggressive with her, just wants to sniff and play, so I have to watch and make sure he doesn't overdo it. It was so funny - the bunny spazzes and runs around when she's playing, and every time she skittered across the bed he'd perk his ears up, start wagging his tail and roll over. He was very upset when I put her back in her cage.

    Beyond that, there are medical appointments for me (midwife on Thursday) and Kidlet (neurology and orthotist on Friday) this week, and the usual run of stuff. Nothing wedding-related right now, but we'll get to it eventually.
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    We were concerned about how Scamp would react too - given that his breed (mini dachshund) was created to flush rabbits from their dens for hunters. But he shows very little predatory behaviors. He displays absolute no interest in bugs (my sister's mini will happily chase flies and roaches all day), and while he's sen squirrels in trees, he can't be bothered to watch them for long (sister's mini tries to climb the tree to get them). So I think we'll be okay with the bunny; just gotta make sure he doesn't annoy her to bits with the constant sniffing, because he may just get himself a well-deserved nip on the nose!
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    [QUOTE] Oh the glamorous life of a married woman, haha! Posted by raangoli[/QUOTE]

    Hey Raangoli...when do you get your pictures....?
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:430Discussion:7157f83d-a286-4f16-bfe5-10833c8e416cPost:b7755ad0-9bc1-4daa-87aa-722101c5990c">Re: How was the weekend? / Plans for the week!</a>:
    [QUOTE] Okie, only since you ladies asked.. website is it is still a work in progress.. but least hope i get good credits on the design
    Posted by BellsnRings[/QUOTE]

    I like...good stuff!
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    Bells- Congrats! love the site so far!

    Back to studying for me. Finals are coming up. :(
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    Working and spending a lot of time with friends! Which I'm looking forward to!!! :)
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    Thanks, ladies. I am drinking my airborne and going to pop a cold-eeze now in hopes that it lessens the duration of this stupid cold!

    @Beloved - that's cute that your roommate adopted a bunny! I think it's even cuter though how your dog has become attached to the little fluffy one :)

    @Bells - the website looks great! Good luck with the Expo this weekend!

    @Bhanu - not sure when we'll get our pictures back, but I'll definitely share when I do!
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