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Sangeet Options in NJ/NY

Soo... I have booked my venue for wedding ceremony/reception/next day brunch. It will be held in a hotel in northern NJ.

We were hoping to have our sangeet party at the same venue but it is quite pricey so I was wondering what others have done...

Any recs for cheap alternatives to having the sangeet at the hotel?  Does anyone know of any halls or alternative venues?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated, as we need to book this ASAP to get our wedding invitiations printed.


Re: Sangeet Options in NJ/NY

  • I have a similar question / would appreciate recs as well!  North Jersey area for Sangeet location -- and anywhere along the water would be even better (i.e. with city views).  If other brides have any recs, please post!
  • What are your budgets??
  • I would like to spend less than $30,000 for the sangeet venue, but waaay less would be ideal as I don't even know if I can afford anything close to $30,000.

    does anyone have recs for a place that wasn't per person but rather a set amount for night would be better. Some of my friends have had garba nights at Mandirs (which are realy cheap!) but I would like a place that I can serve alcohol...

    and yes, on the water sounds great! but will take anything.

  • Same budget for me.. more like 10-20k though/really dont want to spend up to 30k just on venue (since will be hiring decorator, performers, etc. too). Any ideas/recs would be great! (jersey city, long branch, palisades area..or even central jersey ok). 
    I'd like it to be a non-indian restaurant type of place (since I dont want it to be like everyone else's..) but at this point am open to anything.  Palisadium would have been ideal but they charge wayyy too much.

    hbh - you could check out women's club of ridgewood. i went to something there and it was done well...they set up their own bar pretty much (cost effective) upstairs..and they had all the younger people upstairs and the aunties all sat downstairs, until later in the evening when everyone went downstairs to the 'dance floor' (just an area for dancing).  AC was a bit of an issue/it was really hot but you could get extra fans or something.  and the rental fee is very affordable...but it's not hands on / no servers or anything. pretty much everything will be DIY. but good for the price!

  • thanks for the women's club of ridgewood idea. will definitely look into that.

    any other suggestions welcome!
  • SLA2002 did you find other venues? it seems that we're looking for the same type of venue
  • no :(  this sucks..
  • Hi,

    You can contact Simer Grewal from Dream Weddings by Simer. She is really good and can help you find a venue within your budget and also help you with the arrangements for a very reasonable price. She is detail oriented and a perfectionist.

    Check out her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/DreamWeddingsBySimer.

    Call :(216)502-5194
    E-mail: [email protected]
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