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What color did you wear to your mehndi night? Your mandhvo?

Did you wear green to your mehndhi night and red/green to your mandhvo like many people do or used to? They're not necessary colors but some stick to those traditions.

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    I just bought my lehenga for mehndi night so I'm super excited to talk about it, haha.

    I'm wearing red/green for mehndi night, which was what my FFILs suggested when we were shopping.  I tried on some less traditional colors, but they strongly preferred the red/green pairing, so I went with that.

    We're not doing mandhvo, but we do have a puja the day after the wedding, for which I will either wear a red or green sari.  (Side note: does anyone know what this puja is called?  FI's family is Jain, if that helps.  For this puja, a number of women - 13, I think, including the bride - must fast until it is over.)
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    I am the worst Guju ever, what is a mandhvo?

    For my mendhi, I wore a simple chudidar which was hot pink and blue since it was a low key event at my parents house.
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    Question, how long are guju weddings? i know its totally OT but i was just curious. I know there's garba and what not... but.. yeah. :-X
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    @True - do you mean the ceremony itself or all the different events that can lead up to the wedding?
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    Hey Sonali!

    I went to a guju wedding last year. 

    I don't know the name of the ceremony but there was a puja with the bride and parents and the bride wore royal blue.

    After the puja her mom's brothers brought stuff for the family.

    For the actual wedding ceremony the bride wore a red and gold lengha

    For her reception she wore a white wedding dress.

    Not sure if that is so helpful but just what I've experienced
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    [QUOTE]@True - do you mean the ceremony itself or all the different events that can lead up to the wedding?
    Posted by raangoli[/QUOTE]

    <div>All of it. :)</div>
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    Oh, I meant for a certain ceremony. The rest of the colors I know. I saw a Guju bride wear all green recently...interesting choice!
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    Tourquoise...Really it looked good. I swear.
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