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Draped mandaps

I had a question for you girls.

I am not sure a traditional mandap suits me. However, I love this gorgeous, well-lit draped mandap that I saw in a photo. If a girl wants something like that, where does she go to have it done? Do I go to a designer? A rental place? It sparked my curiosity because I love the photograph.

Any ideas?

Re: Draped mandaps

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    Hi Sonali -
     Apart from the fabric, I bet this mandap is standing on pvc piping seriously (like from a hardware store.  There might be rods in place to keep it from falling, and the piping has to be such that the heavy fabric is supported, so that the mandap doesn't collapse. There might be people in your area that has made their own mandap, and can rent it for you. 

    Where would you go to get that done... maybe a Indian wedding planner might have their own homemade mandap, or can get it designed for you.

    Link 1 - Another picture

    Link 2 - Yet another site

    In your area - in Detroit -

    I was looking for Indian Wedding Designers in Detroit, if that's not where you are having your wedding, then let us know:

    Link 1 - Mandavo (Location Troy MI)

    Link 2 - Sukh Decorations (Location Troy MI)
    - they specialize in mandap decor!\

    Link 3 - MPE Event Productions

    Also, maybe an area of concern would be that if you do have a havan kunda (a small fire in the middle), then you don't want the fabric on the top of the mandap, because you want the smoke to escape out, instead of ending up in your eyes :(

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    KP to the rescue with links :)

    But I am sure any mandap/decorator would be able to put together a mandap like that. It's relatively simple like KP said, it's just draped over a set of piping, so it shouldn't be crazy expensive either!
  • Trupti8584Trupti8584 member
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    I am so excited to see this.I love draped mandaps. I am planning to have one for my wedding. From what I understand, most mandap decorators are willing to reproduce what you want. It shouldn't be too difficult..
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    Hi Sonali,

    As the ladies mentioned, this is usually just pvc piping and draping with some lights. In NJ, this is rather pricey, mainly because it is all customized for you (your choice of materials, colors, etc), but the overall concept is simple.

    Just a tip, choose colors that compliment you, and not match. For lighting, stay with a nice, warm color rather than cool or colorful. From a photography point of view, having pink lights or purple (huge trend right now!) makes taking photos challenging.

    You have chosen a very nice set up! I like how clean and simple it looks!
    This set up gives a modern vibe but can be decorated to show classic influences.

    Best of luck!
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    Thank you. Yeah, I don't want to go overkill on the budget. I want a very simple and stunning look...and I don't have to get crazy with flowers, etc to do it. It'll still be gorgeous in there, I just like how sleek this looks.
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    Hey Sonali...

    We told my deco vendor that we wanted something that didn't look like the typical mandap (not really our style) nor did we want a lot of 'infrastructure' (at most 4 pilars and thats it)...we wanted more cloth and drapping. 

    She told us that she would do an 'open concept' mandap for us.   No word of a lie I had no idea of what my decorator was talking about until I saw it.  And when I saw it I was ...oh!  Half shocked at how untraditional it was and half happy at how modern it was...lol. I'm still not sure if I loved it...but I thought it was so different that I'm glad it was done that way. I was seriously concerned that my mom and MIL would be appalled that it wasn't a 4 cornered mandap with draping to create an enclosure...but they liked it!

    Here's a pic

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    MrsBM - I like it, it's quite practical, and it gives everyone a view, instead of the corners of cloth that blocks the view...

    Ours was also on pvc piping...

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    In Response to Re: Draped mandaps:
    [QUOTE] it gives everyone a view...
    Posted by kpwedkk[/QUOTE]

    You're right KP...didn't even think of if that way!
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    And we were blocking up our guest's views further, by adding strands of carnation flowers, but never the less, I loved it :)

    "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart." ~ Miss K ~
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    @MrsBM - your mandap was beautiful! I love it!

    I wanted the draped style, but FI actually didn't like it. So we went with cloth pillars instead. I guess it was a good compromise...we'll see how it turns out!
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