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Hi Ladies!

I had a great time working with my videographer, Twin Production.They are based out of NJ. I am writing this review after a year of our wedding has passed by (Jul31st was our anniversary). I have to say till this day I watch our wedding videos with family. The color and the edits are just spectacular. I am very happy to have worked with Twin production as my videographer. I would recommend them to anyone in a heart beat. They are very professional, always ON TIME, which is very important when your wedding day is such a crazy rush. They traveled far to our house on the wedding day without any extra costs. You can choose a regular or HD video with them. We went with HD after some debating and were very happy that we did a year later the videos look so colorful and vibrant. The whole process went very smooth with them. They accomadated us a lot.We will be sharing these some day for sure with our kids.

Happy Wedding planning to all you brides!! G'luck

Re: Videographer Review

  • mimosa1977mimosa1977 member
    edited December 2011
    Thanks Nicky!! We are using them too!  I am a little nervous about using them b/c we are only using one videographer since our wedding is ~ 200 ppl.  Any advice?  When do they usually like to come into the bridal getting ready process?  What do they do in between the wedding and cocktail hour?  

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