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another stupid question...sorry!

Ok -- so apparently i'm completely computer inept.  But I see a lot of stuff has which has links to previous posts, but it seems the were written too long ago (for instance the links on SA bio regarding placing the dupatta".  Is there a setting I need to change, or do links expire?

I just found this great resource to answer all the crazy questions I have (wedding is on may 29, 2010, so fairly soon....), I just wish I was better at using it! 


Re: another stupid question...sorry!

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    So the Knot just changed their entire community website and because of that all the links in the SA Bio are not going to work because they point to the addresses from the old set up!  BUT, the good news is that all those posts still exist but you just have to dig around the pages to find them.  I've found the Search facility on the bottom to be quite useful so if you just search for key words, you should be fine.  

    In the future, someone might want to take the painstaking task of updating those links but as of now I'm not sure how else to find the old posts but to use the search key word thing or just look at each page one by one (there are nine pages of old post going back to 2008).

    I hope that helps!
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    It does thanks! 
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