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Help -- A Venue That Allows Indian AND American food

Hey all!


I'm planning for a wedding in the fall. My partner's family is Indian. We will have a Hindu ceremony.  Then, we are hoping to hold a reception that includes Indian and American food. I think finding a venue that can satisfy this has been the hardest part of this process (even though I'm planning a New York wedding from here in Germany and have only ten months to do so!).


I have identified one location that has an amazing chef who will work with us to include both Indian and American cuisine. However, the future in-laws are not completely satisfied with the location and would like us to keep looking. We tell them about the catering dilemma, and they don't really believe us since they have been to elaborate weddings that involved all types of food. For example, they recommended a hall to us that was featured on the show Platinum Weddings (which I believe highlights weddings that are well over 100k). Our wedding is more in the 30 - 50 range, which is quite average for our area, but is far less than the Indian receptions to which they are accustomed.  Truly, we aren't even interested in marrying in standard halls, but we would be willing to compromise if it could meet our needs regarding food (and a few other things).


Because they are not comfortable with us having a super casual reception that is outdoors and buffet style, we must find a place that:
1) has suitable indoor space with serving staff
2) can either provide or allow both Indian and American food


What are places you know that are like this?


As I wrote, I have identified a chef at a hippyish-vegetarian friendly resort who will work with us. Is this common or is this really the gem that I see it as?


Thank you!

Re: Help -- A Venue That Allows Indian AND American food

  • You can try World's Fair Marina in Queens. I think its owned by an Indian but the cater to both Eastern and Western cultures.


    Another place is Jersey City, which is along the waterfront with the Manhattan skyline in the back. Try the Westin Hotel there.
  • I have searched for places up and down NJ, which area are you trying to have your wedding?
  • There are a number of places in NJ that will allow both American and Indian food, they may not advertise as such on their websites though.

    My husband and I were married at the Westin Governor Morris in NJ and we were able to have a fusion of the cuises.
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