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Dupatta Or No Dupatta?

Hey Ladies,

I asked my FMIL if I should buy a dupatta (because FI's cousin wore one & the sari I am ordering comes with the option) and she said no because I can cover my head with my sari. Now is this just another instance in which she is trying to "save money" and ideally I should have a dupatta? Or is it really unnecessary? The women in the pictures have dupattas.....

 BTW, FMIlL is always cutting corners to "save money" but I would rather spend the money, do it right and look great.

I'm sorry I keep asking these kinds of questions, but I feel like I can't trust her opinions because she suggests things like doing our own henna for my mehndi.... and I KNOW thats not right....


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Re: Dupatta Or No Dupatta?

  • Meghana55Meghana55 member
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    Do you need to cover your head?  I know some indians don't have to for the ceremony.  However, if you do need to cover your head , I would get a dupatta.  Technically you could have put the sari's pallu over your head, but it wouldn't really look right.
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    Get the dupatta.  I agree with the pp that covering your hear with the sari is possible, but wouldn't look right and it wouldn't give you the freedom of movement that a dupatta would.
  • fearule2fearule2 member
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    I had a separate one to cover my hair - a gold one because I didn't want to bother with matching the sari.

    Also, I am not sure why doing your own henna is not right - we've done our own henna for every family wedding so far. It's more fun that way.
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