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Advice needed

Does anyone else have trouble letting someone do something nice for them? I have been told time and time again that I need to let people take care of me sometimes. I also know how my man (among others) uses this method to show me how he cares about me...but I'm the girl that has a hard time letting people get her a cup of coffee or a beer! I take care of myself! After a random discussion, le man pointed out to me that he would feel more like a man if he were able to do nice, sweet things for me. I have such a hard time letting him! Of course the idea of a spa day or flowers or this and that makes me smile, but, I tell him not to because of the money...even though he's not exactly hurting for it and has done quite well for himself.

Do any of you other girls have this issue? Does your man want to take care of you by spoiling you? I'm not used to it - anyone else I ever dated was nothing like this at prince charmings prior to him!
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