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Addressing invitations

Did you use a calligrapher or address labels to address your wedding invitations?

Re: Addressing invitations

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    I used a calligrapher to write the addresses. It looks more elegant and gives that personal touch. On the other hand, if you have a lot of invitations to write, address labels will save a lot of time and sore hands.

    I had 50 invitations to write and started early.

    How many are you writing?
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    I hand wrote them myself.  I have nice handwriting and my family really appreciates things like that.  I sent about 125 invitations and it wasn't that bad.

    Some people think using labels isn't proper, but I think it's more about looks.  I wouldn't mind getting an invitation with a label at all.
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    We used labels - but we used the wrap around labels so they were a little more decorative and not just a mailing address label.

    I used this tutorial and it worked out pretty well: wrap around labels link
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    We have about 160-170 invitations to write.  I have OK handwriting so am considering handwriting them, but I just feel like I'm going to mess up or they won't be written straight.

    Does anyone know how much a calligrapher usually costs?

    Raangoli - thanks for the link!  I'm going to look into making lables and it looks like the labels from your link turn out very nice!  Do you have a pic of the labels you used?

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    I have a picture of the labels printed on regular paper as a trial:

    (The paisley matched the theme of our invitations.)
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    Your labels look really nice!  We are having a paisley theme on our inviations too!
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    We used a calligrapher and it turned out really nice. The prices are on her website.  She was extremely easy to work with. Her website is
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