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Anywhere to order Jai Malas?

So the lady who was supposed to make my Jai Malas bailed and there really arent many people who do it in Cleveland. Anyone know where I could order them online or any other ideas???

thanks! :)

Re: Anywhere to order Jai Malas?

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    A former knottie ordered Hawaii as her jai malas. They are shorter than traditional ones, something to keep in mind.

    There have been good things said about a place called Fancy Florist in Buffalo NY that I think will ship them to you:

    Or you can make your own - KPwedKK made her own and I am sure would be more than happy to tell you how!
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    THanks Raangoli!
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    If you show any florist what a jai mala is, most of them will be more than happy to make one :)
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    I'm chiming in late on this... 

    Here's my post with many questions on a diy jai malas... LINK

    I think the links still work! Hope that helps! It's pretty easy and straightforward... one of my close friends put ours together.  And to keep it fresh they were placed on a damp towel in a bag in the fridge drawers to maintainf freshness and it was nice and cool during the ceremony....

    Hope that helps!!

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    i ordered malas (not jai malas but milni malas) from fancy florist along with jasmine ghajaras from them and they came out awesome! they only deliver on friday and saturday and delivery can be pricey since it's overnight first morning delivery via fedex...but i was really pleased with the products we received. 
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    Thanks ladies thats really helpful!
  • Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of jai malas are the best to order? I will be ordering them from but I have no idea what would be better: carnation vs. mums vs. roses, etc. I'm not going to do jasmine because they have a pretty menacing letter on there about ordering jasmine malas in the summer. :)  Suggestions would be appreciated! :)
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